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i'm so far off the map...

...radar can't even find me

Matika Kate Bender
29 July
I can be intelligent when occasion demands, but I don't always show those colours. Like so:

What to say...I've seen a lot of the world, in some cases more than I have wanted to. The reason for this extensive travelling is an extraordinary story, which is chronicled here in bits and pieces.

Here's a list of the countries I've been in, so far:

Country Number of Visits

Austria 10+
Belgium 1
Canada 7
Croatia 7
England 2
Finland 1
France 4
Germany 10+
India 1
Italy 1
Liechtenstein 1
Luxembourg 1
Slovenia 8
Sweden 1
Switzerland 10+

There's more to my extremely complicated life, and if you wish to peruse it, then feel free to add me. You may want to message me, though, as I don't track my flist as closely as some.


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Most of the stuff worth reading is friends-only, for reasons good. Therefore what you see public is probably not very representative of this journal's scope. Or, horrors, maybe it is.

White (English, Irish, Scottish, German, French, Dutch, Swedish) and American Indian (Shawnee/Mohawk). Genealogy freak as well (in case you couldn't tell).

...hmmm...what else...yes. I have a fairly severe hearing loss, and have hearing aids, but don't always wear them (it's an improvement; I used to never wear them). I started relying more on reading lips, although it's hard work - well, not really, but I'm lazy.

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